Open Up The Relationship

Selena Santana was watching from the sidelines as her husband and his buddy were playing a friendly game of pool. Her husbands friend was super buff, super hot, and super forward. He even had the balls to make a bet with the husband that if he could make a tough shot he would have Selena take her top off. Who the hell was he to volunteer his wife's tits? Boy was he going to regret this. Sure enough this ebony stud nailed the shot. Selena was actually kind of excited that he would get to see her large supple tits. Selena then approached her husband and brought up a once spoken about idea of an open relationship. She wanted to do it with his black friend, and of course her lame ass husband agreed. The hunky ebony friend got close to Selena and shortly had his gargantuan cock stuffed down her throat. The husband watched like a dunce from a distance, cheering his friend on and barely getting hard since he has a limp dick. Selena had never experienced such pressure in her tight pussy. She was working that BBC like she was destined for it, and now that her husband was out of the way, it was all hers for the taking.

Starring:  Selena Santana
Tags:  Brunettes, Busty, Ebony, Latina, MILF / Mom

Date Added: Jan 11, 2018

Video Length: 26:27

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